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5 Causes of Your Acne and How to Fix It

Are you one of the people who is troubled by acne into your adult years? Acne is caused by many things, but the good news is that it can be easily treated. The best solution may be to visit a dermatologist NYC. Here are five culprits for acne and some easy fixes you can try on your own.


Stress affects multiple systems in your body and raises your cortisol levels. Your skin reacts to high amounts of cortisol in many ways ranging from itching to hives to breakouts. What’s the solution? Stress is unavoidable in life, but if you find yourself going through a tough time, clean your face gently and frequently. You can also try to lower cortisol levels by consciously de-stressing every day, for instance with a relaxing bath.


Pollution comes from may sources, both man-made and natural. Air pollution literally puts a coating on your skin that can result in blocked pores. This is especially common for people living in cities. In this case, carry gentle wipes and clean your face several times a day to physically clear the coating away.

Cleansers and Moisturizers

One size does not fit all when it comes to facial products like cleansers and moisturizers. Some people may have a sensitivity to common ingredients such as cocoa butter or silicones. You may want to visit an allergy specialist or dermatologist in NYC to get tested for specific ingredients that may trigger acne. Otherwise, try removing one product at a time from your routine to see how your skin reacts. With a little detective work, you may be able to identify the problem.

Another common cause of acne is overuse of facial cleansers. If you break out, you may be tempted to use harsh products to strip oil from your skin. However, this removes your skin’s protective and healthy oils, possibly damages it, and may trigger oil overproduction. Instead, spot treat as needed and use gentle products.


There are a lot of foods that can cause inflammation, which may lead to acne. Here you may want to experiment with your diet to see what does or doesn’t work for you. Common culprits include gluten, sugar, and greasy foods.

Makeup and Sunscreen

Makeup and sunscreen can trigger acne in two different ways: through ingredient sensitivities and by clogging pores. In some cases, this can be addressed by cleaning gently every day to completely remove the products. You can also look for oil-free or non-comedogenic items. Finally, during the Summer you may want to cut back on makeup (but keep the sunscreen!) to give your skin a break.