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5 Clever Ways to Use Car Air Fresheners in Your Home

You already know that car air fresheners make your car smell fresher. They cancel out that lingering scent left behind after a morning hitting the elliptical at the gym.

Have three sweaty carpoolers from your child’s soccer team kicking at your seats? That’s what car scents are for.

What about in your home? Here are 5 clever ways you should absolutely be using them in your home.

  1. Central Air Vents

Car air fresheners are often flat. Some have clips and some have ties. They’ll perfectly fit and affix on the back of your vents. If needed, a little shipping tape or string also does the job.

Simply take off the vent cover. Attach it to the other side. And return the cover to its place. Next time the air conditioner comes on, you’ll smell that sweet scent of leather, pine or vanilla. Or get creative with the scent of black cherry or a sandy beach.

Put a different scent on a vent in each room to mix things up. But you may not want to put them on multiple vents in one room unless you have a very musty room.

Fresheners that you use for the car are more affordable and longer lasting than the oil-based ones made for the home. Keep things smelling fresh on a budget.

  1. Ceiling and Box Fans

Just because you don’t have central air doesn’t mean you can’t use car air fresheners to scent your home. Tape or secure them to the back of a box fan. Or secure one to the base of a ceiling fan to fill the room with pleasant aromas.

  1. Closets

There’s no better way to keep clothes smelling fresh than clean cotton scented car air fresheners in your closet. You wash clothes and hang them up after you wear them. But it may a week before you wear the same outfit again.

Keep clothes smelling like they just came out of the dryer.

  1. Gym bags

This one is an easy decision. You’ll find many pleasant, and not overpowering, scents that keep your bag smelling fresh.

  1. Athletic and Dress Shoes

We all have one in the family. It’s someone who seems to have smellier feet than the rest. Unlike most home fresheners, scented car refreshers are often flat. You can cut them into pieces to get just the right amount of scent.

Try cutting one up. Store the rest in an airtight sandwich bag for later.

Air Freshener for Your Car and Home

Often the best ideas come in using products in unconventional ways. Save money. Get versatile and creative. Use car scents to keep your home smelling fresh.