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7 Things You Must Know Before Having a Spray Tan

Unless you live on a different planet, you must be aware that having a tan looking skin is the hottest thing right now. This comes with no surprise considering that everyone wants some color on their body. One way to achieve this is through a technology called spray tan.

In spray tanning, a special mist is sprayed directly on your skin to give it a bronze-like appearance. The application is meant to last you for at least three days. It’s normally safe on your body unless you have very sensitive skin. Nonetheless, it doesn’t protect you from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

But before you can have the procedure, you should be aware of a few aspects:

  1. Exfoliation is Key

Before the mist spray is applied to your body, it’s necessary to get rid of dead skins. This is what exfoliation is all about. If you do spray tanning without doing exfoliation, splotch marks will be left on your skin after the procedure and you won’t like it.

  1. Waxing or Shaving is Necessary

Just like it’s necessary to exfoliate before spray tanning, you have to wax or shave. It all depends on what you prefer. The idea is to ensure that there are no unwanted buildups around the follicle area. In the end, this improves the chances of a glossy tan.

  1. Pick Loose Clothes

After you have had a tan, you should avoid wearing something that’ll rub it off. Thus, you should go for a loose outfit. A perfect option is a maxi dress. If you have one, carry it to the appointment to wear it after the procedure.

  1. Don’t Accessorize

Accessories like necklaces, wrist bands, and earrings may make it hard for the tan to properly cover your body. To make the spraying easy, you should leave them behind.  If you forget, make sure you remove them just before the procedure.

  1. Plan to Strip

Since the tan is sprayed on your body, you’ll be asked to strip when you go for the procedure. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be absolutely naked. You should wear comfortable underwear. Alternatively, wear your favorite swimsuit underneath.

  1. Keep off Lotion and Makeup

Lastly, you shouldn’t wear lotion or makeup on the day of the procedure. This is because they create a barrier between the tan and the skin. In this case, your skin tan will appear lighter. In a worse case, the skin may appear streaky and this is not attractive at all.

  1. Be ready to spend a few hours at home

Most spray tans come with visible colors to ensure even coverage. Considering that you have to wait for 5 hours before taking a shower, the initial shade will be far deeper than the final tan. Additionally, while the formula develops, there will be some telltale tanning smell. According, it is advisable to postpone any social plans after having a spray tan. Stay at home until you are able to rinse off.

Having a spray tan procedure can be a great thing; there’s no doubt about it. However, the outcome depends on how you prepare for it. With the above ideas in mind, it basically becomes easy to have the procedure and to improve the chances of its success.