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A Perfect Dosage Of Steroid Assures The Most Productive Outcome

All oral anabolic steroids are used as a kick-start, where different compounds are included as a base. During a kick-start, a beginner includes an anabolic steroid orally with the injectable compound for the first few days. Injections are taken for just few weeks, so it is stacked with an oral steroid to extend the period. By the time cycle of oral steroid is over, the injection has already increased its effect.

Dbol has strong anabolic compound but moderate androgenic characteristics. Dbol was first launched in 1960 by Ciba Pharmaceuticals, and was the favorite among all athletes. Initially, it was widely used in the US but gradually, FDA banned its use. It was swiped off from the shelves. However, it is still available in black market because there are still some countries that prefer to manufacture Dbol.

Nowadays, athletes and bodybuilders are using Meditech Dbol pills for effective results. Although this is still banned, most countries are still manufacturing and selling it in the US and UK’s black market.

Meditech is a brand but not the original Dbol. When in 1983, Dianabol manufactured by Ciba was banned from the US, which made it difficult to find it legally. Generally, many countries apart from the UK and the US started producing and marketing it under the name of Dbol. One of its famous manufacturers is Meditech and are one of the primary producers of Dbol.

Meditech Dbol has its own minor side effects, which can be taken treated with PCT.

On males

  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Male baldness
  • Increased hair in all over body

On females

  • Deepening of voice
  • Decrease in size of breast
  • Facial hair growth

Extending the dosage for its desired cycle can lead to extreme stress on the liver. Therefore, it is suggested to take it under the supervision of a trainer or doctor.

Although, any medicine is synthetic and have their own side effects, but as a steroid, Dbol has its own benefits

  • Weight gain
  • Mass and muscles gain
  • Strength
  • Recovery from injuries and pain

For beginners, it is always suggested to go for minimal dosage. Check if there are any side effects. Dbol is so strong that even a dosage of 30 mg can give great results. An individual reaction is necessary to observe when they take steroids. In case of any side effects, they are either stopped taking completely or the dosage is reduced.