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Artificial turf: Types and Care

In many cases the climate, the housing situation or the lack of time do not allow us to have a natural lawn in our garden. To solve this problem, we can resort to the artificial or synthetic turf, a product whose variety and quality has improved markedly over the years.


In the market, we can distinguish many different varieties of synthetic turf, and although they vary depending on the company, we can include them mainly in 2 types:

Decorative Grass: It is the most suitable for the garden, the pool, the terrace.Within this group there are different qualities, some are more economical, and others have a better drainage system, are more resistant or are more similar to the natural grass.

Sports Grass: It is prepared for high traffic of people and more aggressive use. It is normally used in sports facilities and requires major maintenance. There are different varieties depending on the sport that is going to be practiced (tennis, hockey, soccer, and paddle).

Care and Maintenance

  • Perform a frequent brushing to remove dust, particles that drag the wind, pet hairs.
  • Clean spilled liquids, animal deposits, mud with the hose.
  • Wind and rain or the continuous movement of people can move the silica sand from its place and crush the grass fibers. To recover its initial shape, it will be necessary to brush and ballast the surface.
  • If the grass is placed on a natural surface, weeds may appear. In that case, we must apply herbicide.
  • The excess of humidity can cause the appearance of fungi, against which a fungicide will have to be applied.
  • In times of high heat, it is advisable to cool the lawn by watering it for a couple of minutes with the hose.

How do you take care of your artificial turf?