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Benefits of Scrub Uniforms

The demands on medical professionals can be very physically challenging. Having convenient access to the appropriate clothing serves the needs for professional appearance and comfort as well as utility. Healthcare providers need to project the ultimate image of efficiency and trustworthiness. High-quality scrub uniforms convey the impression to patients that they need to perceive in order to feel as at ease as possible in the naturally stressful environment of the medical office or hospital.

Medical Scrubs

Depending on the policy of the individual healthcare facility, a variety of complementary medical uniform components may be made available to doctors, nurses and other medical team members, such as medical uniform jackets, gowns, and other items. But, the most essential uniforms for medical standards of hygiene, mobility, and role identity are:

Surgical Scrubs — Scrubs are the specially designed sanitary clothing worn by surgeons, physicians, nurses and other medical team members involved in hospital and medical office patient care. Medical scrub uniforms are designed for easy and thorough laundering, durability, and inexpensive replacement, if stained or otherwise damaged beyond repair.

Nurse Uniforms — Uniforms provide nurses with proper professional attire for the standard of optimal hygiene necessary in a medical environment. The uniforms also provide the serious benefit of ideal role identification that enables doctors, patients and other nurses and medical workers to immediately identify nurses, whom they all need to rely on for ready availability from moment to moment in any medical facility.

Benefits of Hospital Staff Wearing Medical Scrubs

There are numerous reasons why it is important for medical staff members to wear proper scrub uniforms, including the following:

  • Mobility— Surgical scrubs are loose fitting, making it easier to maneuver during performance of operations than other clothing types.
  • Identification— Uniform clothing identifies and classifies medical professionals, enabling everyone in the facility to identify people by their roles at a glance.
  • Patient Experience— Recognizing their doctors and nurses by their professional attire helps patients feel more confident and comfortable in the naturally high-stress medical treatment environment.
  • Comfort— Today’s medical attire is designed for both comfort and fashion.
  • Hygiene­— Professionally designed and maintained medical uniforms contribute to the level of hygiene necessary for a medical environment.
  • Convenience— Scrubs are readily accessible, and they fit all body types.
  • Protection— The simple design of medical uniforms adds protection for both patients and workers from various substances that may be harder to detect on myriad conventional fabric types, colors, and clothing design types of streetwear. For example, clothing made of knit fabrics, in dark colors, with pleats, folds, layers, etc. do not offer the same protective qualities as medical uniforms.

Prudential Overall Supply

Prudential has been providing for the special uniform provisioning and maintenance needs of medical institutions for over eight decades. We understand the unique, important needs of the medical field, and we’re deeply committed to providing excellent medical uniform services. Some of Prudential’s options of medical attire include:

  • Unisex Scrubs 65/35
  • Unisex Scrubs 50/50
  • Unisex Warm-Up Jacket
  • Women’s Warm-up Jacket
  • Unisex Surgical / Barrier Gown

For More Information

We provide our medical facility clients with our industry’s state-of-the-art products and services at reasonable prices. Contact Prudential (800) 767-5536, for more information about medical laundry services. Or, browse our online catalogue to see our full line of scrub uniforms, and medical textiles and laundry services.