Saturday, May 25, 2019
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 Building Your Own Custom Lightsaber

Creating your own lightsaber gives you the opportunity to create something that is distinctly yours. There are plenty of lightsaber parts. The project is even easier to create with the amount of technology and materials that have become available.

In order for you to customize exactly what you want, lightsaber parts are available to purchase. Some of the parts you need include the lightsaber body, lightsaber emitter, lightsaber pommel, couplers, electronics, and sound accessories.

The first step in customizing your own lightsaber is to choose the color. This is an important step because of the different colors available, but it’s necessary to choose your allegiances as well. Then it’s time to choose which sounds you want for your lightsaber. There are a number of different whooshes and crackles that make your lightsaber as unique as you. You can buy the generic Star Wars sounds, or get special soundboards that emit specific sounds that will take your saber to the next level. When it comes to purchasing the lightsaber body, remember that there are different grips and handles. It is recommended that you choose one that allows for a comfortable grip on your fingers and a balanced weight for combat.

You will need to purchase the hilt, where the electronics are stored. You can purchase one from a hardware store, but it may be easier to purchase from a specialized retailer. You will need to make sure that everything functions properly before attaching the blade. Consider how you want to charge your lightsaber. There are a number of different battery chargers available that help you ensure that your lightsaber is always ready for action. In order to avoid any time-consuming tasks like soldering, you can make your project easier by getting pre-fabricated materials.

Building your lightsaber can take some time, especially when it comes to understanding the electronic components to get it to function just the way you want it to. There are plenty of online forums where you can get answers to questions. For more information on how to build your lightsaber, check out UltraSabers for a wide selection of goodies and like-minded feedback in their Saber Forum.