Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Don’t Drag Your Customers to Sell Your Brand, Rather Build Relationships

If you are eager to get free Instagram likes, you need to create many Instagram posts.

A thousand words can’t speak out what one picture can say. You should take advantage of the power of photos and make more followers.

As Instagram is an image-centric platform, it has become so popular in a little time. It is even seen in the Facebook that people show much more interests on images compared to just words. And this is not fault of any individual. Actually, human brains are bio-engineered that way. Around 90% of the information that is stored in our brain is visual.

Let us take advantage of images and use it to make an effective visual content for Instagram. We need to take photos of our product such that it really can make good sales. One thing you must know is that though there is a huge number of shoppers present on Instagram, it isn’t a shopping platform.

So, let’s look at the culture of Instagram so that you don’t annoy your followers:

  • Do not appeal hard to sell your product on Instagram

Around 38% of sales are influenced by social media, and 35% gets influenced directly by retailers on social media. So, to sell your product, it is a great platform. But you can’t show images which shows like you are yelling to sell your product or how great your product is. Your images should be appealing; the viewers shouldn’t feel any kind of pressure to buy your product, you got to give them the space to decide. So, look that you aren’t putting your customers in any kind of pressure, at the same time you are your image is influential.

  • Your product needs to be creative and professional

Around 67% of consumers like detailed images and they consider them as more valuable in making decisions. In Instagram, the traffic directs the products into sales. You can do that by making unique photos with personality to grab attention. You are in Instagram is to make a relationship with your consumers by following the cultures of Instagram. You don’t try to drag your customer to your product. You are in Instagram to get connected to your consumers and make them engaged with your posts and sales will automatically happen on the way. Display the aesthetics of your brands.