Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Eyelash transplant

Hair is the important and crucial part of life. Not only scalp need the hair, but there are certain areas other than scalp which is usually noticed by most of the people like eyelash, eyebrows etc. People get the hair transplantation or hair restoration most of the times but when we talk about the eyebrow transplantation, it is a little odd. Though it is odd to hear but still, people get them all the times. They either want to get the eyelashes restored due to a trauma or want to just add glamour to their thin eyelashes.

How the eyelash restoration invented?

The eyelash restoration was invented when the people have lost their eyelashes due to an accident. This invention was accidental, not purposeful unlike hair transplant procedure, so once people get to know about this treatment, they started asking it from the cosmetic surgeons that can they get it done for cosmetic reasons.

Though there are other options available like temporary eyelashes and these temporary eyelashes were on trend just after their invention but after some time, people stopped using them because the temporary eyelashes had ruined their own or natural eyelashes as well. This is the reason; people find the permanent eyelashes as the only option available.

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Some people are so over judgemental and start making the assumptions in their mind before actually knowing any procedure. For example, some people are not accepting this procedure because they think that the eyelashes are foreign material. It means that after getting extracted from the one person, they can be transplanted to any other person.

I think it is a stupidity to think even, but in the actual procedure, the surgeon extracts the hair of the person just like in the hair transplantation procedure but beside placing them into any other area on the scalp, the surgeon place them on the eyes in form of eyelashes.

If I talk about the side effects of the eyelash transplant, actually there are no side effects as such. But sometimes, minor swelling can be seen around the eyes just after the procedure and ultimately fades away after some time of the procedure.