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Few Reasons Why Bologna Is Considered as Foodie Heart of Italy

Bologna is a capital city of Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and is well known for its different varieties of foodstuff. People of Bologna take very seriously about their tradition of food. In their language, the city is called ‘La Grassa’ which means ‘The fat one’ and you will know why, if you ever visit this old city of Italy.

When you make your food tour Bologna then you will get the opportunity to test following Italian food.

  1. Amazing Tortellini

This is one of the traditional foods of this region and you will find plenty of shops in Bologna serving it. It is tinny filled pasta which consists of meaty mix of mortadella, cooked pork mince, prosciutto crudo and seasoning with maybe a dash of nutmeg. If you eat them with salted water and tossed in butter and pepper, add little cream and ham then it may taste great.

  • Moreish Mortadella

Another item of this city which is made by using lean pork along with the cubes of fat taken from the throat which is the tastiest. While serving this, it is mixed with spices and herbs along with peppercorns and some time pistachios too.

  • Plentiful Parmesan

You can find Parmesan in the form of huge wedges in most of the food shops of Bolognese. This is world’s best Italian cheese well-known in whole of Europe.

  • Real Ragu

If you ever visit Bologna then you cannot leave the city without eating Bolognese a kind of meaty sauce which is called Ragu in Italian language. This is served with most of the food stuff in Bologna.

  • Best Balsamic

This is another ingredient that you can find plenty in Bologna which a kind of vinegar from Modena which is near to Bologna.

  • Informal dining

In Bologna, you will not find too many expensive restaurants and people like to eat in informal ways various local foods that can be pasta, desert and meats. There is no need to dress up as people don’t mind dining in their casual wear.