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Filing a Personal Injury Claim against a Trucking Company

Most people assume that the different laws regarding personal injury claims and compensation are the same, regardless of whether they have been involved in a car crash or truck accident. However, there is a clear distinction between the two. Being in a position to understand the different laws regarding the two incidents means that you can protect your rights and interest. It is also recommended to seek legal counsel from an experienced Sanford truck accident lawyer to understand your legal options.

When a big rig, truck, 18-wheeler, or even a tractor-trailer careens into your car, the results can be catastrophic and traumatic. These vehicles are big, heavy, and are associated with a greater force that can result in significant damage to your car and severe bodily injuries.

Though you hope to be compensated for your injuries or losses especially if the trucking company was negligent and responsible for your injuries, things might not be that easy. Some trucking companies are so big and have a more qualified legal defense that can be more intimidating than you think. This is another reason you should work with an experienced attorney.

The law holds truck drivers and trucking organizations liable to a greater degree of responsibility. That means a simple violation or slight error can make a trucking driver liable for a crash. But there are things that trucking companies do to avoid being held liable for causing an auto accident. For instance, the trucking company might offer you an unfair settlement amount and as you to record a statement. Later, they will use this statement against you.

In some cases, trucking companies can alter or destroy important pieces of evidence.  Another tactic used by these companies to avoid paying full compensation to victims of trucking accidents is to delay the entire process of your personal lawsuit. If they suspect that their driver caused an accident because he or she was driving under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances, they might delay the process of getting the driver tested.

You need an experienced attorney

If you were involved in a truck accident and you got injured, or your car was damaged, the law allows you to seek damages. Remember, trucking companies and truck drivers are required by the law to adhere to many regulations on the road. Therefore, it is possible to prove that the truck driver was negligent and violated some of the road rules.

Even if their liability is apparent, truckers, trucking companies, and their insurers are always in the business and want to make profits just like any other business organization. Thus, they will fight to distance themselves with the auto crash or keep the settlement amount low. Besides, these organizations can afford a highly qualified and probably intimidating legal representation.

Ignoring the services of a truck accident attorney will do more harm than good. Remember, experienced lawyers, know and can obtain the evidence you need to prove that the trucking company was negligent, build a strong case, and represent you during settlement negotiations or in court.