Monday, June 24, 2019
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God of War Best Guide for You

God of War is the best games of this year. After I have completed the story and almost every adventure, I wish I had read the God of War best guide.

Thatswhy I have compiled some advice for beginners. You might prefer to read this guide after a few hours into the game, as you will find yourself stuck or confused.

This God of War best guide has all the tips and tricks required for becoming a pro in the game. So let’s begin.

  1. Explore as much as you can. 

Take your time in exploring the game. Always remember, dead ends always have something to offer. So never be panic in any situation. Enjoy the story or I will say live the story as you play it.

  1. Look for Raven’s

looking for ravens isn’t just about collecting the collectables. But also, It’s a good way to watch the entirety of the game’s world. Searching for these hidden creatures as you make your way out from one point to the another will help you to see the sights and gather your bearings.

  1. Don’t Skip the stories

People essentially skip these stories when they walk away from these, which is not a good practice because these moments have some of the best dialogues of the game and can provide you with a lot of backstory and context of the game. Also, it will help you in developing the interest in the game.

  1. Don’t waste time on optional tasks

Some tasks are optional and very difficult. Therefore, don’t waste your time against something you’ll never win. As with the locked treasures, you will have many chances to return to these exercises, to fight with better types of equipment.

  1. Experiment in early stages

You should use these early hours of the game to experiment your moves, mixing up melee and axe attacks, seeing which methods get the best results for you on which enemies. Because things will get much faster as the game will progress.

  1. Never forget your Arrows

Atreus has an unlimited number of arrows and they just take few seconds to regenerate. So don’t be selfish in using them. When you are facing a lot of enemies, also, you can use arrows to take down weaker enemies. Arrows are especially useful for disturbing the enemies as they prepare to for a heavy attack.

You don’t need to aim each arrow. Atreus will automatically fire at the creatures in the general direction. Even if you’re distracted while attacking the enemies, make sure to spam the arrow button. Firing blindly will be better than no firing.

  1. Don’t spend money on Armours and weapons in early stages

You can buy gear and armour early in the game only if you’re planning to rush through the money. But, If you spend time exploring, defeating powerful enemies and completing missions, you’ll find tons of specialized armour and gear without spending a penny.

  1. Remember you can upgrade Runnic skills using XP

You get the chance of upgrading both light and heavy runic attacks using your XP. But some runic upgrades will cost you more than others, so be careful and check the cost before you spend your XP. I will recommend spending on skills rather than the runic attacks early in the game, but if you build your character around runic stats, you will naturally want to have fully upgraded runic attacks equipped.