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Holiday Party Planning: 6 Tips on How to Celebrate Without Burning Your Bank Account

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. It’s the holidays, when everyone is busy buying gifts for their loved ones and planning the perfect party that everyone is going to remember for years to come. While most people think the easiest way to throw a holiday party is to prepare everything yourself—from invitations to the food—this is almost always proven wrong once you’re in the middle of it, blowing your budget and dealing with the stress of it all.

To avoid turning this wonderful time into a few months of fussing over the little things, here are a few tips we put together just for you:

Set the date on a weeknight – while most parties are expected to be held on the weekends, having it on a weeknight might just be a welcome change, for you and your guests. Limiting your party to a two or three-hour celebration will save you lots of food (and money!) since your guests will want to call it a night earlier so that everyone could still come to work the next day. Remember to include a beginning and ending time on your invitation so anyone who stays behind does not get offended when you start to clean up.

Skip physical invitations – Instead, opt for an online invitation. Not only will you help save the environment by passing up on unnecessary paper waste, but you also will not have to pay for the cost of having physical invitations made, printed out, and sent to your friends and family. There are tons of free, awesome websites that let you customize online invitations. Facebook also offers this feature.

Hold the party at home – It can be tempting to rent a nice place as the venue of your holiday party, but this will only be another unnecessary cost. Holding the party at your or a friend’s place will not only save you money but make the guests feel more at home and comfortable.

Share the costs of the venue with friends – Why go solo when you can have the help of your closest friends? Throw the perfect holiday party with your friends so that you can share expenses and minimize that stress. This can also create an opportunity to bond with the people you love.

Entertain yourselves – Hiring a band or a DJ is nice, but the costs? Not so much. You can entertain yourselves by playing games, holding a talent contest, or setting up a karaoke for your guests.

Enlist the help of a caterer – Saving money might mean passing up on the caterer for some, but it can actually cut down your expenses and stress if you choose to outsource for food preparation. Having someone else cater for your party means not having to come up with dishes, shop for ingredients, dedicate a full day for cooking and baking, serve your guests while also socializing with them, and clean everything up after a night of having fun and making memories, if you get to have fun at all.

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