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How Black Music Influenced American Music

All of the American music is black music, said Bruno Mars in a lately conducted interview, and he isn’t the only one to claim such a thing. “When you think or say ‘black music,’ understand that you are talking about multiple musical genres like – jazz, R&B, rock, funk, reggae, funk, hip-hop,and Motown,” Mars said.  “Black music”, he as he quoted, is “the thing that gives America its swag.” Search for more such great music albums, songs as well as their lyrics on the site. For the latest in the music world, search for ice prince magician lyrics and get the lyrics to sing along the chartbuster!

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A big and rising star

It bodes well for somebody who’s received as many James Brown comparisons as Bruno Mars has, that he’d be extremely mindful of the impact that black artists have had on the American music scene. In fact “house” music was invented by Frankie Knuckles, an African American. By now, he was in fact already a well-known DJ in New York City. He then moved to Chicago where and attended an event at the Warehouse, a club where his friend was playing the opening set.  He played a mix of music ranging from disco, European avant-garde to rare soul.  Knuckles eventuallysupplemented a drum machine to his repertoire and produced an all-new style of four-to-the-floor music. House music was popularised by sensational tracks making it to the top by artists like Madonna and Paula Abdul along with many others, and the style soon paved the way for the popularity of electronic dance music in the running times.

But I think we can all agree that successful names in the US Music Community like Louis Armstrong, Charles Bradley, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Price Whitney Houston and the current Jay Z, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and now Childish Gambino, all have something in common; and it’s not just that they’re all famous and are on YouTube.

About Korede Bello

Korede Bello, this young astounding singer, guitarist, Songwriter and composer, hails from Lagos state, the entertainment hub of Nigeria. After the release of his first single that received a relatively positive response, his manager, Casmirgot him to meet Don Jazzy. Don Jazzy recorded a few songs with him. Korede’s talent and performance during the recording was highly appreciated by Jazzy. Korede had started performing on stage at the tender age of seven and is currently signed to Mavin Records (since 28 February 2014). This reflects that Bello is nothing short of a superstar in the making. The only test is time and the anticipation that will lead us to seeing what a global phenomenon this young musician can make in the world.

As a child raised in the ‘90s,  pop music around Korede was heavily rooted in R&B from Whitney, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Boyz II Men, Aaliyah, TLC, Babyface, New Edition, Michael, and so many more. When talking about what specifically got him into music, Korede shares that he was influenced by always listening to his father play records of different artists as a kid. The singer-songwriter is currently known for pop, Afro-pop, soul, folk, and sweet music.

Recent Hits

Recently, Korede hit us hard with ‘Do Like That’. His efforts dedicated to work on Reekado Bank’s album is still appreciated by the Nigerians, adding another feather to his hat. Korede Bello is using his talent to his advantage and amalgamating it on a creation that will be popular enough to make it on the top of the hit charts. This is a never seen before side of Korede Bello, the one where he gives all that he has in order to earn himself a hefty paycheque as well as some more celebrity status. Another such song, Ice Prince has recently gained a lot of fame, download ice prince ft vanessa mdee mp3 for free on

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