Saturday, May 25, 2019
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How Logistics Training Can Make Your Company More Efficient

If you’ve ever seen a delivery person drop something off and then come back before the day is out to drop off another product, there was probably an issues with how the order was organized on the truck. Proper logistics knowledge is beneficial because you can be smarter about scheduling your loads, packing your trucks, and provide more accurate delivery times.

Being Smarter About Load Scheduling

When you understand logistics, you know when to have something ready for shipment. There are too many instances where loads are sitting around waiting to be picked up while warehouse workers are left scrambling to pull something together for an immediate shipment. Logistics training will teach you how to keep things in order, so your system flows better. As it gets closer to the time for a pickup, your loads will already be together. Having your loads together and ready to be shipped out saves time for the truck driver, and also allows warehouse workers to continue working on other orders. Haste can cause problems such as products being missed or misplaced, and product inventory will come up short. Give the crew and truck driver a better chance of being efficient by understanding the work flow of logistics.

Loading Your Trucks

Strategically loading the trucks ensures that loads will be ready to be pulled in an order that makes sense for the truck driver. If all the products for a single stop are in one location nothing will be missed or forgotten. I’ve been on the receiving end of an order and had to count products. Sometimes things were missing and the driver would find them mixed in with different products, or other places on the truck. The process of going back on the truck to look and unload again is very counterproductive. The truck driver winds up spending more time at a stop, and it takes longer before the next customer receives their product. The study of logistics will teach you how to get the most out of situations, even in times of a crunch. If you want a company you can trust to have an accurate load on the trucks, look into FCB logistics.

More Accurate Delivery Times

Proper logistics knowledge will show that based on the number of minutes per stop, and how many minutes until each stop, the company can promise a time of delivery. The route manager will be able to plan the route accordingly and set the drop off times based on an estimate of possible arrivals. Route managers will know how to factor in traffic, and they also know how to handle detours and other delays in delivery times. Good route managers will provide the right customer service, contacting clients and informing them that the delivery might happen a little later.

Learning logistics is very important when you plan to be in the transportation industry. Transporting goods to clients accurately and on time is important for customer retention and becoming a trusted transportation brand. Logistics training can teach you to be smarter about scheduling loads, loading trucks, and providing accurate delivery times.