Monday, October 22, 2018


A Master in Business and Administration is a very popular course of study that originated in the United States of America after they went with the scientific approach to management. It’s a very expensive and time-consuming affair and one has to be well prepared before deciding to invest their time and money in it. Here is a basic guide on what you need to know as you embark on this course of work.

  1. Why Do You Need An MBA?

For you to embark on this route of coursework, you must have a driving force; be it career growth, salary increment, increasing your knowledge on business management to better run your businesses, opening your life to new networking connections or even something as basic as adding some gist into your curriculum vitae. To start your MBA degree you need to be through with your undergrad classes and some universities insist on having some form of work experience depending on your undergrad GPA. For the students who were lucky enough to get employment with their first degree, an MBA is a sure way of them growing in their line of work, or getting better forms of employment. There so many reasons that would make you want to make this investment.

  1. How To Decide What Business School To Attend

An MBA is an investment, I insist on the word investment as it will cost you to get it, so choosing the school like the Southern New Hampshire University  to get your MBA from is very important. Some may base their selection purely considering the financial aspect, (how much it will cost them) this is not discouraged however at times cheap can be very costly, therefore you need to do ample research before settling on a school. Looking as well as your flexibility you need to look for the best school that is able to accommodate you; in that, if want to attend classes full time or part time and for the really engaged students who can’t make it to class at all there’s the option for online classes. The reputation of the school needs to be top notch in that the MBA you get from it will better your papers and not the vice versa.

An MBA will vary depending on the option you may want to concentrate on, for instance there schools like the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) that have really perfected their online MBA courses and have not only concentrated on the hard financial and strategic skills but have also allowed managers to develop their impact on market.

  1. Prepare For The GMAT

Some Business schools require their students to take the graduate management admission test before admission. Unfortunately, this is a requirement demanded by a lot of the business schools, but good thing you can suitably prepare for them and they are many ways to ensure you don’t fail and you get into the school you want. There are various tools, practice exams and classes you can take to make sure you pass the GMAT.

  1. Refine You Recommendations And Resume

For you to apply for an MBA at the Southern New Hampshire University or  any Business School you need to have an up to date resume and have your recommendations iron proof. Most Business Schools will take a keen look at your most recent work exposure and accomplishments, you need to clearly state such and ensure that you have included as well you extra curriculum activities as business school tend to take a keen look on that, if you had not previously taken time to engage in such activities you can use the time leading up to application to focus on some volunteer work to enrich your resume.

You need as well to have personalized references from people you know, people whose lives you have impacted, people who have the best to say about you and not just concentrating on picking huge influential titles that hardly know you.

So to sum it up you need to do a lot of research before deciding on taking an MBA.