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How to Properly Vet a Removalist Service

A professional removalist provides a full set of moving services that cover any type of move from beginning to end. They cover the packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking of all personal items and furniture. Essentially, every stressful aspect involved with moving from point “a” to point “b” can be put in the capable hands of a professional so you don’t have to do it. Seams ideal. However, hiring a removalist can be risky if you choose the wrong company. In order to avoid inflated prices, hidden fees, and damage to your personal property it is necessary to do some research before selecting a removalist. Here are some key factors you should for.

Look for Recommendations, Referrals, Reviews, and Ratings

Word of mouth remains one of the best forms of first-hand information you can find. So before conducting an internet search for companies like Mooval, see if any of your close friends and family have used such a service before. If they have they can recommend or warn you away from using that particular service. Also, talk to businesses that are related to removal services. Some may be able to refer you to trustworthy companies they use themselves. If all else fails, use the power of the internet.

A good web search can not only provide you with a list of available removal services but will also give you reviews and ratings. Dissatisfied reviews and low ratings indicate subpar service. If a good number of consumers had a negative experience with a given company odds are you will too. So, look for companies with high ratings and smiling customers.


A major aspect to look for when searching for a removalist is insurance. A legitimate removal service will have fully functional insurance policies that cover your personal belongings. This protects you from liability should your property be damaged. In the event of such an incident, the removal company would pay for the repair or replacement of the item damaged. A company that does not have proper insurance is hiding something. If they are not willing to guarantee their work it might be because they are notorious for damaging property.


It is important to know the exact scale of the move in question before contacting a removal service. The more work said service will have to satisfy relates directly to the amount they will charge. A move peppered with a plethora of heavy furniture and appliances will cost you a lot. So spare no detail when describing the parameters of the move. The more information you provide the more accurate the initial estimate. Accurate estimates are needed to compare services for the best price.

Compare Prices

The best option is not always the cheapest, so be wary of any estimates that are significantly lower than other quotes. Generally, quotes should be around the same ballpark so estimates that are too high or low need to be vetted. There may be a compelling reason why a certain service charges extra. In the end, comparisons will provide you the best service for the best price.