Monday, June 24, 2019
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Investigations Begin After Hackers Steal Crucial Information In Ukraine

Recently, a team of investigators in Ukraine came across different cybercrime attacks which were carried out in the month of June. The initial investigations claimed that thousands of computers from 60 to different countries were targeted in this hacking attempt. Hackers did this to steal crucial information like individual credit card numbers, bank accounts, clients’ data of businesses, etc. The primary goal of this hacking attempts seems to be monetary gains in exchange of decrypting the infected computers.

Hackers Used BitcoinsAs Ransom

The initial discovery suggests that this is not the first time when hackers have done something like that. It’s their way of causing distress and asking for money from the victims. Right after the hacking attempt, they transferred more than £8000 worth of bitcoins from one of their accounts to another. This was the same account in which hackers used to receive ransom money in the past. The team investigating this matter came across a message written by hackers which claimed that they were ready to make things normal. The message stated that all the hackers were ready to step down and free all the computers that were infected. In return, the government would have to pay a one-time payment of £200,000.

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Some of the officials involved in this investigation called it a lame attempt to get financial benefits while the experts thought otherwise. According to them, the ransom demand was just to drive the attention away from the main issue. In reality, the hackers wanted to bring down country’s IT system and create panic among people and businesses.

They somewhat succeeded in this attempt and caused a significant loss to local businesses. Anastasia Dating Network, a local firm having a large portfolio of dating site suffered a huge loss as more than 500 of its partners got affected by the attack. There are many other companies like Anastasia Dating Network which went through a tough time.

The government has ordered a quick investigation and assured the businesses that all the culprits will meet their destiny soon.

Keep watching this space for further updates on this cyber attack.