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Is It Bad To Use Steroids? Is There Anything Called Safe Steroids?

Steroids are everywhere in the market, unless they are banned or illegal in your country. Whether you jump on an e-store (even an e-pharmacy) or bump into a land based store, steroids are bound to be sold there if they are legal in your location. If they are illegal, they are still sold, but you need to have a prescription to get them. This means that you can’t expect yourself to use steroids for gym or workout purposes, unless you have a doctor that can help you with the prescription.

But why do we need a prescription for steroids? Why are governments so strict about steroids?

Of course steroids are used for medicinal purposes; in fact, even children are prescribed with steroids if they have kidney issues, short stature problems or problems with their growth, but without a proper prescription, if you visit the medical store and ask for steroids, you won’t be given the same. On the other hand, you can easily get steroids from any ordinary shop, if they are allowed or legal in your country.

There are a lot of reasons why steroids are illegal in some countries; the government is strict because it knows that there are a lot of side effects of this drug and thus, it wants people to be protected from the same. Some people do not use steroids wisely and thus, go through depression, allergies, mood swings and other such terrible issues. This is not all, there are also a lot of other terrible problems that people go through, if they don’t take care of the dosage of steroids. One has to be careful when it comes to drugs like steroids since anything can happen to him.

So is there anything called safe steroid stacks?

You can definitely buy steroids in bulk if they are legal in your country (or you can manage to get prescription from the doctor); also, steroids are safe ONLY if you know for how long you need to continue with the injections or intake of the same. Once the steroid cycle comes to an end, it is essential for you to pause the intake so that you can stay away from the harmful effects of the drug. After a few weeks, you can begin with the intake once again, only to pause after the end of another steroid cycle.