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Is it easy to extract vegetable oil?

Why vegetable oil is necessary?

Vegetable oil is extracted from seeds to use it for culinary purposes. Vegetable oils are consumed directly or indirectly in the form of ingredients in food. The oil provides number of works such as shortening, texture, flavor and flavor base. Moreover, oil can be heated to cook different kind of foods. There are major cooking oils such as soya bean, sunflower and peanut.

Vegetable oils can act like as important nutrients and give us energy. Along with this, these should not be consumed in excessive amount because it contains fatty acids. Normally the oil that is taken out at homes is fresh and full of flavors. It is good for the health of a person. Oils can also be obtained at homes with the aid of home oil press machine. To extract the vegetable oil the seeds and nuts are firstly crushed or pressed to take out the oil.

In some cases it becomes difficult to obtain the oil so solvent need to be dissolved in it. When the oil gets mixed the solvent and other impure substances get removed hence it leaves fresh vegetable oil. The same process is applied for getting sunflower oil.

Method required to extract vegetable oil is as follows-

Cold pressed expeller method

Cold pressed oils are known as cold expeller pressed oils. These are pressed mechanically with maximum temperature.

Expeller pressed

Oils are pressed in order to get maximum yield. All oil expeller pressed oils are not cold as it depends upon the temperature. If the temperature can be controlled then oil can be known as cold pressed otherwise they remain expeller pressed.

Extraction of solvent

To make the extraction process cost effective it is vital to use solvent while obtaining oil from seeds. Solvent can be removed from the oil once its work will be finished. Coconut and palms are mainly extracted with the help of solvent oil extraction machinery.


Oils can be hydrogenated to produce the oil of different ingredients. It is easy for hydrogen to come into contact with acids.   


RBD is an important process included it means refined, bleached or deodorized.  Along with the extraction method it should also be noted that oils are refined, bleached or deodorized.

Refining and bleaching process

Some oils passes through process of refinement to remove contaminants and bleaching is done to improve the color or texture of the oil. Later on it is washed with the water to get pure oil.


This process can be considered as dangerous among all because high temperature is allowed to remove all contaminated things.

Used in industries

Undoubtedly, vegetable oil is used for industrial purposes to make different products such as soaps, skin products or perfumes. Some oils are considered as dry oils so these are used in manufacturing paint colors. These are not harmful for the environment.