Monday, June 24, 2019
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Is It Legal to Use Medical Marijuana in Workplace?

If you are already aware of the positive and marvelous benefits of using CBD in different forms, there is no second question about its increasing popularity among the people. But have you ever thought about its use in the workplace? Is it permitted to be consumed in an office or any other commercial place? This is a million dollar question that an employee, as well as an employer, needs to know before allowing or banning medical marijuana.

As you already know that nowadays, it is easily available on Medical Marijuana Canada stores to hassle-free, so you should also know about its validity in a workplace. A workplace always needs to be drug-free but CBD is one of the products which are considered as medicine to cure multiple health problems.

Now the Major question is whether consuming CBD is legal at the workplace or not?

The consumption of CBD in a workplace can be done if there is communication between the employee and the employer. If a candidate is asking for the free consumption of CBD, (s)he must communicate with the employer about the problem and share the prescription given by the doctor. There are many health issues for which, CBD is the better prescription. Some of the health issues include:

  • Relief in pain
  • Curing Nausea & Vomiting
  • Effecting for Seizure
  • Cure PTSD
  • Treatment for Anxiety

Most of you won’t believe that CBD is even featured to cure cancer in its initial stage. It blocks the growth of cancer-causing virus that brings it zero level, curing one of the biggest diseases on earth.

So, if you are suffering from health issues that are being treated with CBD, you need to prove your medication in front of the employer and continue using it as per prescription.

Here being an employee, you should always note that if you face any of the below-given problems, you should stop CBD intake in the workplace. There are some side-effects of CBD overdose which may put a negative impact on your office reputation as well as other employees in the workplace.

Below are the signs of CBD Overdose:

Low Blood Pressure: Working in a healthy environment is essential but when you are consuming CBD above prescription level, you might have low blood pressure, affecting your professional work.

Dry Mouth: Generally this health issue is not diagnosed easily, but whenever you intake this medicine in high amount, without taking a proper prescription from the doctor, you can experience dry mouth that can cause you trouble in eating food and speaking well.

Anxiety: When you encounter healthy dosage, you will even experience anxiety that can build a barrier in your work and your health.

To continue working professionally and build a reputation, there is no crime to consume CBD. But you should always ensure better communication with your employee. Also, you should take care of your own health when you are working in an office and are going to consume medical marijuana.