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Is It Necessary to Write A Very Lengthy Introduction for Your Thesis?

This question often comes to the mind of thesis writer and there is no easy and straightforward answer to this question. Certain research subjects are so complicated that it is not possible to express them in few words. In some cases, the institution provides certain guidelines about the length of introduction that you need to follow.  

You cannot get answer to this question from any homework help providers however following guidelines can help you decide the length of introduction in your thesis paper.

  • Introduction must be able to give the reader an accurate information about the topic so that he can understand what he is going to learn after reading it. It should neither be too brief and at the same time not too lengthy so that the focus is lost.
  • You must also provide sufficient back ground information like if you are providing solution to any problem then explain the problem properly so that the reader can understand it.
  • You must tell the reason why the solution provided by you is so important and how much impact it is going to make in the existing situation.
  • Also, mention any myths about the topic that you have taken up. You must also explain how you are going to convince people about the real fact.
  • Briefly explain your approach and style to address the issue that you are taking up in this thesis.
  • Briefly explain your concept so that the reader is in same level of understanding that you are.
  • Your aims and objectives must be clearly stated in the introduction.
  • Raise certain questions and promise that you are going to answer them in the thesis.
  • If you are using any unfamiliar terms or vocabulary then define them in your introduction
  • There must be a brief summary of the thesis in your introduction so that people get to know what they are going to find in your thesis.