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KENT Ace+: An Ideal Choice of Advanced RO Water Purifier for Homes and Offices

With the advent of technology, a lot of things has become simpler in life. From water purifiers to electric cookers, everything has been instilled with smart technologies. When it comes to water purifiers, KENT is India’s leading brand of choice, offering an extensive range of RO purifiers, UV purifiers and UF purifiers with a moderate UV, UF or RO water purifier price list. If you are looking for an advanced RO water purifier for home or office, KENT Ace+ is a great choice to consider. Read on to find out what makes Ace+ an ideal choice.

Double Purification Process

Equipped with both RO and UF filters, this water purifier ensures double purification process. The feed water goes through a reverse osmosis purification process followed by Ultrafiltration process. This ensures that the water that is fit for drinking purpose without any harmful germs.

Controls TDS Level

 KENT Ace+ has an inbuilt TDS Controller present that controls the TDS level of the purified water. This also helps in retaining the minerals that are essential for the human body, thus making water 100% safe for consumption.

Suitable for Treating All Types of Water

Is the water supply that you get at your home or office brackish or from the municipal corporation? This water purifier is capable of purifying all types of water.

Automatic Operation

The smart features of KENT Ace+ water purifier allow it to automatically shut off when the purified water is to the brim and start its operation automatically when the water level goes down below a certain level. This reduces the manual intervention to a major extent.

Eye-Appealing Design with Adequate Water Storage Capacity

 This water purifier boasts of an eye-appealing design. With its wall-mounted design, it is best suited for offices and homes and is the perfect way to save countertop space. It can store around 7 litres of purified water, thus making it easily accessible at all times.

Easy Maintenance

KENT Ace+ has push-fit fittings, which are useful for leakage protection. This kind of feature allows you to easily maintain the water purifier for a longer duration. It also comes with free service for four years (1 year warranty + 3 years free service).

Saves Water

In the absence of electricity, the wall-mounted water purifier does not allow any water rejection. Even if the water tank of the purifier is full to the brim, it inhibits any sort of water rejection. The rejected water that doesn’t pass through the purification stage can still be used for cleaning utensils or mopping.

Developed by the experts from KENT, this purifier is certified and tested by renowned labs from around the world. All these ensure that Kent Ace+ is fit to be used at homes and offices. With this purifier, you can definitely lead a healthy and happy life and avoid contracting any waterborne diseases that. Considering all the amazing features that KENT Ace+ comes equipped with, the RO water purifier price list for this model is totally justified.