Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Making the most out of your small office space

Today, small and medium companies face limited office space problems. This limits their operational efficiency and subsequently their overall productivity. However, it is possible to maximize on limited office space and still deliver on your goals and targets.

Here are some tips to help you achieve that;

Choose the right layout

Start by planning the basic floor layout. You can use a computer-drawing program to sketch out your space and find out how much room you have for your office furniture. If you already know the furniture you are going to use, insert their approximate measurements on your sketch. Once done, you can tell the space available and arrange the office furniture accordingly or do away with some furniture.

Office Partitions

Office partitions afford you the flexibility you need in your office. They come in handy when there is not enough space to slot in multiple office spaces. As such, employees can have the privacy they need while working with lesser space. Also, depending on the design you choose, they can elevate your office aesthetics. At Space Plus, we have excellent office partition designs made of the highest quality materials.

Organizational tips

With limited office space, you need to get creative on your organizational skills. For starters, utilize tall and narrow bookcases as opposed to the short and wide ones. Also, you can consider an under des filling cabinet that fits right under your desk. While at it, be sure to find one that matches your office interior décor. In a nutshell, take advantage of vertical spaces to have as much floor room as possible.

Get the right furniture

While this might sound cliché, it is essential to balance out your furniture size and your office space. For example, instead of going for larger executive seats, you can shop around for smaller, modern ergonomic seats that consume less space. Also, consider shared desks over individual desks. With the right partitions, a shared desk will work just as well as an individual desk.

Think paperless

How much paper are you printing and storing? Paper is one of the largest space consumers in offices. While it is not possible to go completely paperless, invest in vertical shelves to store files and books. However, when possible, convert all your paper files to digital files and store them on your hard drive.

Finally, explore ways to use the available space flexibly. For example, consider using moving dividers to make your office more functional. Also, consider having some collapsible chairs and tables to supplement your working space when you have impromptu meetings.

Space Plus is committed to offering quality indoor office solutions. From room dividers to office partitions, we believe we have the ideal solution to help you maximize on limited office space. Visit us today at one of our showrooms or contact us via 1-888-869-1850 for more information.