Monday, June 24, 2019
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Protect Yourself

Have you ever heard the referee at a boxing match tell the fighters they must protect themselves at all times? The same might be said of dealings with procedures or new drugs in the medical field. Although doctors and nurses almost always are conscientious and motivated by the desire to promote and maintain good health, medicine follows a path similar to that of many areas of science. A new medicine, technique, or surgery is developed. Short-term studies show no major problems and the technique or surgery becomes common practice. But later down the line, it is discovered there are problems with the procedure or drug. Many thousands of men have had prostate tumors removed, but it has been discovered that often tumors in the prostate are slow-growing, pose no threat, and are perhaps best left alone. This procedure has caused impotence and other problems in countless individuals, and in the present day, much more thought and observation are given before it is performed.

In the same way, hernia mesh has been utilized in the repair of hernias. A hernia is a tear in the subcutaneous muscle that allows intestine or other tissue to protrude through. Doctors often perform surgery on these tears to repair them, using sutures to close and offer support as they heal. Hernia mesh has often been used to support the weakened area since there is a high possibility of recurrence in hernias. But there is a risk whenever a foreign substance is introduced into the body. The hernia meshes have been made from synthetic substances or animal skin, such as pigskin. A large number of these hernia meshes have caused severe infections, seromas, and other health issues.

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • Scour the literature for problems or issues concerning any proposed medical procedure. The internet has become the most incredible informational resource in history.
  • Get a second opinion.
  • If you’ve already had a surgical procedure of some kind and feel it has not been effective, have doubts, or are suffering from some type of side effect of that surgery, consult an attorney.

It has been discovered that with both prostate tumors and hernias a “wait and see” protocol is sometimes the best path forward. Many prostate tumors grow so slowly that for all practical purposes they never become a problem. Some hernias allow function in normal areas of life without repair. Risks should be carefully assessed with your physician. If you have already had a procedure like hernia mesh surgery that has become problematic to your health, as it has for thousands, the best procedure is to contact the finest and most experienced attorneys in the field, Saunders & Walker PA.