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Questions to ask your orthopedic surgeon before settling on surgery

If you visit an orthopedic complaining of pain your knee, elbow or any other place. They are likely to suggest you undergo surgery. Many people are still afraid of undergoing surgery, but they can always talk to their orthopedic surgeon in West Nyack NY before going ahead with the surgery. It is important to know the different treatments available to you as a patient. It is highly recommended to ask a few questions so that you can make an informed decision.

Below are some questions to ask your orthopedic surgeon in West Nyack NY

Is surgery the only option?

For many patients, surgery is usually the last option. Most orthopedic doctors will first design a treatment plan which is solely based on your health challenges. Some of the treatments include acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic care and sports medicine. These pre-surgical treatments are recommended to improve muscle strength, relieve inflammation and also allow the bone and joint time to heal.

Should I get a second opinion?

This is a question any orthopedic surgeon in West Nyack NY will welcome. It is important that patients do some research before they can settle on a treatment plan. By getting a second opinion from a different specialist you will have more information not just about your condition but also the treatment options available to you. With this information, the patient is more relaxed even during surgery because they know they have made an informed decision.

What duration will it take to recover and what should I expect regarding improvements?

It is important that the surgeon takes the time to go over your expectations and the reality after surgery. You will be in a position to understand what you face and what you can expect. You will probably be sent home several days after the surgery with an exercise guide and instructions to follow to help fasten your healing. Also to accelerate the healing process, the surgeon will recommend that you join an outpatient physical therapy program.

What is the surgery success rates?a

A question that most patients forget to ask their orthopedic surgeon in West Nyack NY. While some medical practitioners will offer treatments that might work or might relieve the pain their patient is in. It is recommended that your surgeon takes the time to discuss the treatment options available as well as the success rates and the outcome to expect. By doing so, they come up with the best plan for your unique situation, and you know what to expect after going under the knife.

As you embark on looking for an orthopedic surgeon, keep in mind that there are some questions you should ask, so you can make the best decision.