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Scuba Diving in Indonesia: the Best Way to Relieve Stress for Marine Enthusiasts

In for the last decades, daily life stress and pressures keep on increasing. Having a trip to escape hectic city life becomes a necessary need. Scuba diving can be a great option to relieve your stress, especially if you love marine life. There are a lot of sites for scuba diving in Indonesia. Thus, in this article, we try to choose the best three to help you plan your vacation.

Some of Indonesia’s best scuba diving sites are explained on the following list:

  • Bali Island: Bali is not only popular as Indonesia’s party island, but also offers great dive spots. In this island, you will be greeted with seagrass beds, deep drop-offs, magnificent underwater views of volcanic crops, steep banks, sunken wrecks of world war, and coral ridges. The surrounding of the dive sites add more value to this island, with its volcanoes and rice terrace. The current are light, suitable for all divers. This island is undeniably the paradise of scuba divers. The best spots are in Manta Point, Gili Biaha, Malibu Point, and Crystal Bay. Gili Biaha has strong current, which is recommended for experienced divers. Malibu Point offers the experience of diving with big creatures, such as sharks, groupers, tunas, and giant rays. Manta Point is a place to see huge rays. Lastly, Crystal Bay is a place with the finest visibility in Bali.
  • Komodo Island: located in East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo Island is the heaven of tropical divers. It has higher diversity of marine creatures, from sharks to reef creatures, pinnacles, deep walls, and shallow colorful reef. The currents can be quite strong at times, so inexperienced divers are not recommended to visit the island. The marine wildlife you can see in this island range from sharks to manta rays. You can also see Komodo dragon, the world’s largest carnivorous lizard, in this island. Some of the recommended diving sites in this island are Batu Tiga (for large fish dives), Tatawa Kecil, Batu Bolong, and Manta Point for spotting manta rays.  
  • Wakatobi Islands: located in Banda Sea, Southeast Sulawesi, this diving spot has four major islands named Wangi-wangi, Kadelupa, Tomia, and Binongko. As a national marine park, this tourist destination is very popular among passionate scuba divers and conservationist due to its underwater diversity. It has gentle currents, suitable for beginner divers. Every dive will contribute to the growth of local community and the national marine park itself. These islands are the habitat of 900 species of marine creatures, and 25 species of coral reefs. It is also relatively less crowded compared to other diving sites. The best dive spot in Wakatobi Islands is House Reef. This place is suitable for night diving and wonderful reef diving. At night, if you are lucky, you will be able to experience the beauty of fluorescent diving.

The paragraph above already describes about some scuba diving sites in Indonesia. With everything offered by these places, your diving experience will surely become unforgettable for the rest of your life. Make sure to visit during the right season to have the best water visibility.