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Sharpen Up Your Brain to Pick Up the Lottery Winning Numbers

The importance of having a good strategy while playing the lottery cannot be stressed enough. You primarily need to understand how to play the lottery well. The core principle of every lottery remains the same. However, the approach can vary from one lottery to another. Instead of just relying on luck, lottery games must be tracked, analyzed and approached mathematically to enhance your chances of winning!

Luck can only favor when you utilize the window of opportunity to claim it. Contrary to the popular belief, a lottery ticket must not be picked up randomly. Rather, you must do some research about the past winning numbers; look at the numbers that never win and the numbers that occur more frequently in the winning combination.

Be Strategic and Wise


  • Yes, the lottery can be rather exciting and test your patience at the same time. On several occasions, you would be tempted to pick a number based on your birthday. But, can you pick the same number every time you participate? No, you cannot make the mistake of relying on the same number every time. So, choose freely and do not stick to any particular combination of numbers.
  • You must do it with a friend. Ever heard of syndicates? In syndicates, people pool their money and buy combinations of lotteries. This increases your odds of winning. Always play realistically and not emotionally as the decisions made emotionally often prove to be incorrect.
  • Some people may believe that they have a strong “instinct” about winning, but they end up losing every time. Such people refuse to give up and spend money irrationally. You must seek a friend’s advice if you are in such a situation to prevent yourself from going deeper into the trouble.


Reconsider the Luck v/s Strategy Play

  • With the internet, you now have access to ample strategies that can boost your chances of winning the lottery. You need to set realistic goals before buying the ticket. While it’s good to visualize yourself winning the lottery, it is best to stay grounded to the reality and consider the odds of winning/losing very clearly in your mind. Impulsive lottery ticket buying spree and getting carried away will do you more harm than good.
  • Give your lottery hopping some time. Do thorough research on the various international lotteries available and calculate your odds of winning at each lottery.
  • Weigh other options like lotto betting where you can bet on the winning combinations.
  • Try playing online games such as the Roulette that you can play very frequently so that your chances of winning would increase.
  • Any prize is a great prize. Getting the Jackpot amount is the ultimate goal but winning the lottery money in any significant amount is a great return on your investment.
  • Remember there is no “one strategy fits all” in lotteries and games. You need to do thorough research for each one of them individually.

Many people are advocates of the luck factor and there is no denying that the lottery is indeed a game of chance. However, a little strategic approach will only bring you closer to the luck factor. Irrespective of your experience with lotteries, you must avoid playing like an amateur.

You must be able to choose the right lottery to boost your chances at winning. Thorough research and strategy will always get you closer to winning! It is best to diversify your spending across lottery draws, lotto betting and online games. You can do all of this and much more on the world-famous lottery website ‘Lottoland’, which is the world leader in lotteries. The good news is that it is launching a website in India soon! So, what are you waiting for? Be ready to get rich!