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The Advantages of having a US Green Card

There are so many advantages of having a U.S Green Card, and this is why immigrants apply for them as soon as they are eligible. The green card also known permanent residence, allows you to enjoy some of the privileges that US citizens have. Companies like EB-5 Deals helps foreign investors who qualify for an EB-5 Green Card to get one.  

The following are some of the benefits that you will enjoy as a US Green Card holder.

  • The freedom of working and living in the US permanently

If you have a US green card, you can live and work in the United States permanently. You can choose any work that you are comfortable with in any state; whether it’s a government or non-government job. However, there are few levels of security clearance that only the US citizens qualify for, but so long as you have the green card, you can apply for any job.

Moreover, you will not require work authorization to work in the US. With a US green card, you can become a permanent resident of the United States.

  • You can sponsor your relatives

There are various categories through which you can apply for the US green card. The green cards are issued in limited number under each category. And so if you apply in the right category, you stand a high chance of being awarded the Green Card.

If you get awarded the green card, your immediate family [spouse, parent, and unmarried children] can obtain permanent residency through the family-based Green Card category. You can also sponsor your unmarried children or your siblings under the preference family category.

As an investor, if you get through with the EB-5 Green Card Process and get awarded the green card under EB-5 visa program, your immediate family can apply for permanent residency. This means that your spouse and children who are under 21 years can obtain permanent residency as well.

  • Cheaper Education

Tuition fees for universities, colleges, and vocational schools are lesser for green card holders compared to immigrants who have a visa. If you prove to have permanent residency of a state, then as a green card holder, you can claim “in-state” status when applying for your children’s school admission.

This can save you a significant amount as compared to admission fee that “out of state” residents pay. To top it all, there is a financial aid which is available for Green Card holders.

  • Freedom of movement

A green card holder can travel outside the United States and return freely. You can also travel within the states and live in any state of your choice. But it’s worth noting that if you are planning to leave the country for more than six months, then you should take the necessary steps to protect your permanent residency.

  • Legal rights

If you obtain permanent residency, you can get social benefits such as tax benefits, social security benefits, insurance coverage, research grants, retirement benefits, health benefits, etc. If you’re a US green card holder, you can legally own firearms, cars, a house, and any other property in the United States.