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The choice of a cancer hospital in a series of steps

In partnering with your doctor you do become really confident about the cancer treatment options. Always opt for the best cancer treatment hospital in India as the medical staffs tends to be on the experienced side. You need to figure out on how you can be involved

You might be just detected with cancer. Your mind will be full of confusion and a host of negative feelings could creep in. At this juncture the doctor would want you to go through the various cancer treatment options and then formulate a plan. Now the real question would be how you are going to devise a cancer treatment plan. You can partner with your doctor and then decide what would be the best option in the given situation

Set up your ground rules

Before you go on to avail the treatment options there are some options to consider. When you have ground rules you are going to be comfortable with any cancer decision that you are going to make

  • Figure out how much you are looking to be aware- Most of the people would want to be aware about the type of cancer along with their survival chances, in case of others they do not want to know. If you are not keen to be aware of all the details just inform your doctor. Just make sure to inform the doctor that you want someone else to hear this difficult news at this juncture.
  • Figure out the manner by which you are going to make the treatment decisions- the chances are that you might be willing to take a lead in terms of cancer decisions. Sometimes you would want the doctor to take all the decisions on your behalf.  Somewhere you can be in the middle taking these decisions along with your doctor. It does help you considerably if you have gone on to handle difficult decisions in the past. Maybe you can have a close friend or relative to guide you in this case.
  • Set realistic goals- the doctor can give you estimates on the impact of each and every treatment. For example what are the benefits of the treatment and what are the side effects which could emerge from the treatment as well. Whatever preferences you have it would be better to discuss with your doctor.
  • The focus has to be on you- Do not fall into the trap of choosing a treatment option on peer pressure. It would be better to choose a treatment plan that you are comfortable with.
  • Accept help- During the course of treatment you are going to need help. Accept it and do not shy away from it and this could come from your friends or your medical team. If you do lack support at this point of time you can get in touch with cancer associations. They are going to put you in touch with cancer survivors who can guide you through this process. It is already a difficult time and you need all possible help

It does make sense to note down the expectations along with preferences which you are going to expect from the treatment. This would put in a better space of mind as far as cancer treatment is concerned.

Decide on a goal

You need to figure out what is the treatment type you are looking for. This would at a considerable level trim down your options. It all depends upon the type and goal of the treatment that you are looking to achieve

  • Cure – the moment you are diagnosed with cancer the first objective would be on how to cure the disorder. Though cure is pretty much possible the chances are that you might have to face up to some short time side effects
  • Control- if the cancer does appear to be at a later stage and some treatments have been administered then the focus would be to restrict the spread of cancer. Different types of treatments may be provided so that the tumour does not shrink or grow. If this happens to be your goal once again you need to deal with side effects that arise from these harsh treatments.
  • Comfort- In case if you are at an advanced stage of cancer, and not responding to any form of treatment, then comfort would be an option that you are looking for. You along with your doctor can work together to ensure that relief is provided from pain.

Understand more in terms of treatment options

In order to make a reasonable decision about treatment option does keep in mind the type and stage of cancer you are presently facing. You also need to understand what the treatment options which are available to you are and how each one of them would perform under a given set of conditions. Do discuss with your doctor and go through the internet before you arrive at a concise decision.

Sometimes you can go on to provide cancer treatment in conjunction with other types of treatment. It is possible to combine it with radiation or surgery

Clearly understand the risks along with the benefits

Do compare the risks along with benefits of the treatment and figure out whether it goes on to align with your goals or not. Whatever treatment option you are considering clearly evaluate the pros along with cons

  • Side effects- do take a considerable amount of time in terms of research on the side effects of each and every type of treatment. Sometimes the course of treatment might be too much for you to handle. The doctor can guide you on the various side effects that can emerge from cancer treatment and how you can get rid of them with minimum complications.
  • How the treatment is going to change your life- do clearly understand on how the treatment is going to take a toll on your everyday life. Will there be any restrictions on the type of activities you might have to undertake. Also consider the financial costs of treatment.