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The Signs That Indicates Your Garage Door Opener Needs Changing?

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When your garage door opener needs to be replaced, you will know by a few obvious signs. Amongst the few, one thing that you will notice is that intermittently your opener starts working or it will not work at all. At that time, you have to wrestle to open the heavy doors even if it is harsh weather or dark in the night.

This might even make problems to your back and not even safe always. Following are some signs that will indicate you that your garage door opener needs to be replaced:

  • Garage Door Opener is Detaching or Moving Slow

Every sign that a garage door show doesn’t need to be sudden. You may confront with the slow moving of your garage door when rising. And the worse is that it might detach and fall freely on the floor. This is the worst scenario as if a child is near or there’s a pet; they can get entrapped below the door. Sometimes you can see the opener hesitating, and therefore, you should check out what’s wrong immediately.

  • Noises of Garage Door Opener Gets Loud and Unusual

Whenever there is unusual noise of the garage door, you should be certain that there’s something wrong. The older garage doors used to make noise anyway because of the chain drives of those doors were obnoxious and loud. When you get inside your home, someone from inside will hear rattling sound when the garage doors are opened these days. If the chain sounds slack and vibrating, it means that it is the time that your garage door opener needs to be changed. Also, you can hear loud noise near the end because of electric motors. Changing the garage door opener will calm things down. But to get rid of the noise totally, you also might need to change the whole system including garage door replacement.

You also should check other signs like at the time of garage door opening, such as the door opener will show sign of reversing, vibration on the garage door opener, etc.