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The Top 6 Hidden Dangers Associated with Halloween Costumes for Kids

When it comes to Halloween, kids love to dress up. Who doesn’t like pretending to be a princess, monster, or superhero for a night?

However, buying Halloween costumes for kids takes some forethought and planning. Why? Because although Halloween is meant to be a fun and exciting time, it’s also one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. There are so many hidden dangers many people don’t even realize exist.

Do you know what those dangers are? Are you sure?

The Top 6 Hidden Dangers Associated with Halloween Costumes for Kids

Danger #1—Trip Hazards

Making sure your child’s Halloween costume fits properly will help ensure they don’t trip over it and become injured. This also applies to their shoes. Properly fitting shoes/costume foot coverings, etc. is another way to prevent a trip and fall injury.

Danger #2—Flammable Costumes

Buying Halloween costumes that are non-flammable is another important aspect of their costume you should look for. However, in the excitement of it all, parents sometimes forget to check this before making a purchase.

Danger #3—Invisibility

Invisibility when it comes to Halloween costumes could mean that the costume is so dark-colored it’s virtually invisible in the dark. If you buy a black or dark-colored costume, make sure you also buy reflectors for their shoes, capes, etc. that can be affixed to their costume in a way that’s highly visible.

Danger #4—Visibility

Similar to invisibility, there are also visibility issues when it comes to Halloween costumes. However, the visibility issue we’re talking about here has to do with kids being able to see properly. Always look for a Halloween costume that has big enough eye openings on the mask or face covering so your kids can see properly. Also, make sure the costume’s mask or face covering can be securely fastened so it doesn’t slip and block your child’s vision or line of sight in any way whether that’s straight ahead, looking down, or their peripheral vision.

Danger #5—Toxicity

Many parents don’t realize that the Halloween face paint, makeup, glitter, etc. that touches their child’s skin is sometimes toxic. Therefore, you should make sure any type of Halloween “paint” you buy is hypo-allergenic.

Danger #6—Adhesives

Many Halloween costumes come with some type of adhesive. Adhesives can be potentially dangerous when it comes to how they are used for Halloween. For example, if used improperly, the adhesive could easily get into your child’s eyes potentially causing damage. Also, any adhesive that’s applied around the eye area could ultimately fuse your child’s eyelids shut which would then require a trip to the emergency room to have them surgically opened and this is definitely not something you want your child to have to endure.

The Bottom Line

Buying Halloween costumes for kids is one of the most fun and gratifying things you’ll ever do with them. Just make sure you’re being pro-active when it comes to any hidden dangers that might be lurking within.