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Top 10 Edinburgh Sightseeing Tours 2019

Edinburgh, the Scottish capital is world famous for maintaining ancient culture as well as for adapting the modern ways of living amiably. The charm of Georgian era is fabulously blended with the present age establishments marking contemporary standard of life of the Scottish people.

Edinburgh all over the globe is well known for its attractive stunning places. Tourists make sure to visit the Scottish land where festivals are held to bring together thousands of literary persons together in one platform. With the guidance and touring information provided by well known websites like Tripindicator, tourists are enjoying the gorgeous beauty and breathtaking activities provided by Edinburgh tourism.

Mentioning the best ten touring spots of Edinburgh you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Edinburgh castle: One of the world’s heritage places for its huge and complex structure. The castle foundation was laid in the 12th The tour guides provide you all information about the castle still treasuring the precious memories of the guardians and royal members of the castle. The audio tour providing information in eight languages makes the tour more enjoyable.
  2. Calton hill: If you love to click few photos of the entire city from elevated heights, then make sure to visit Calton hill present in the heart of the capital city. There you can watch the Nelson monument and the unfinished acropolis termed by locals as ‘Edinburgh’s disgrace’.
  3. Cramond beach: The beach lies on the southern shore of river Forth. It has the 18th century village houses lying to the east of the river Almond. It houses a harbour, pubs and a long beach to do cycling or have a nice calm walk along the shore.
  4. Leithwalkway: Tourists and natives love to visit the place for its amiable restaurants by the side of water of Leithwalkway. Colourful boats and tree fence walkways enhance the beauty of the place in all season.
  5. The Royal Mile: It is a path stretching from Parliament to the famous castle of Edinburgh. If you like to view last century tenement buildings enclosing the gothic church popularly called as St. Giles Cathedral, then make sure to add the place in your touring list.
  6. Holyrood park: This royal hilly park at the centre of the city is the best place to enjoy nature pleasantries blossoming at the edge of the historical Holyrood palace.
  7. Victoria street and Grass market: If you are a foodie then this place will be a heaven for you to relish an array of Scottish dishes served in the colourful pubs and restaurants.
  8. Scottish national gallery of modern art: It has remarkable collection of modern and classical art in parkland near to water of Leith. You can view the spectacular work of Scottish sculptures and artists at one place.
  9. Arthur’s seat and the Salisbury crags: This is 820ft in the vast spread of Holyrood park. Salisbury Crags are the 151-foot cliffs are the climber’s paradise near to the Arthur’s seat.
  10. Greyfriars Church and its Bobby: It is situated in the beautiful Candlemakers Row, a resting place for the national historical people and for the century back Scottish people. The world-famous statue of Bobby of 18th century is erected here.

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