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What Flavor Do Dogs And Cats Love So Taking Medicine Will Not Be A Nightmare

Cats and dogs have a heightened sense of smell and taste when compared to use humans. Plus, they cannot comprehend the concept of medication. This means it is very difficult to get them to take their medication without a fight. Most pet owners know the complexity of getting their pets to take their medicine regularly. While some try their best to get their pets to swallow their prescription, other pet owners have turned to the help of veterinary compounding pharmacies.

This service makes it easier for pet owners to successfully give their pets their medication. As effective as it is, there are some flavors that are more popular with others. Here are the top choices:

The Best Flavors For Cats

The right kind of flavor will depend on the cat, but generally, they are very picky about their food. Their heightened sense of smell makes it difficult to crush pills or mix liquid medicines into their food. They will most likely avoid eating altogether when they taste something off or smell the medication.

When it comes to compounding the best flavors for cats are meats. They tend to like the taste of fish like tuna, whitefish, salmon, sardines, and sometimes even shrimp. Some cats also prefer the smell and taste of chicken, beef, and bacon. The strong smell and taste of these meats make it easier for veterinary compounding pharmacies to hide the medication in their food. Your cats will eat up their special food without ever blinking twice!

The Best Flavors For Dogs

Cats and dogs are very different, even when it comes to flavoring preferences. While cats prefer the strong smell and taste of seafood but aren’t inclined to eat sweet treats, dogs simply love to indulge their sweet K9’s.

Dogs love to indulge in sweet flavors especially bubble gum and peanut butter. As a savory treat, cheese and assorted meats are also great choices. Stay clear of bitter and salty flavors because they aren’t very inclined to take a nibble, much less eat the entire bowl if they don’t like the taste.

To enhance your dog’s experience you can ask the veterinary compounding pharmacies to add a little gravy with a strong smell to their food. Dogs are naturally attracted to strong smelling foods that have a little moisture.

All Pets Are Different

Of course, flavors that work for one cat or dog may not work the same way with another. Each pet has their own unique taste and preference and it is better to take note of their diet when consulting with a compounding pharmacy. If your cat is known to prefer tuna over salmon, tell the pharmacy so they can create flavors which your cat will like.

The same goes for your dogs. Dogs who are more likely to eat sweet treats should be given peanut butter flavored food instead of the cheese flavored ones. Work with the pharmacy closely so that no food and medication go to waste. Plus, your pets will adore you, even more, when you feed them their favorite flavors, even if it is hiding some medication inside.
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