Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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What Makes the English Bull Terrier a Popular Pet

Have you been contemplating on buying a dog? You should consider the one suitable to your specific needs and requirements after going thoroughly amongst different kinds of breeds online. In event of you searching for suitable breed for your home needs, your best bet would be the English bull terrier.

What is so special about the English bull terrier?

The English bull terrier is fun and mischievous dog to be around. They have been popular for their child-like qualities and nature. It would be pertinent to mention here that unique physical characteristics of bull terrier would be inclusive of narrow eyes, muscular and robust body and oval shaped head. The dog has been popular with the people for being a great family dog. The bull terrier has been known for its protective traits and incredible energy both inside and outside the house. The dog would need loads of exercises and activities.

Bull terriers have been highly functional with early training and socialization. The dog breed has been tempered and usually gentle. With a short coat, the bull terrier would be usually suitable as indoor dog. It has been known to prefer interaction and companionship in family and social environments. The life span of the bull terrier would vary from ten to fourteen years. The dog has been known to weight around fifty to seventy pounds. The bull terrier would be available in wide range of colors such as white, red and white, brindle, black and brindle and white.

The dog has been popular for having limited health problems. However, the bull terrier would be concerned with eye disorders, deafness and heart disease. In case, you were contemplating on buying the bull terrier, your best bet would be to search for english bull terrier puppies for sale. You would need to find the right breeder for pure breed of the bull terrier.