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Why is Dubai the Best Place for Real Estate Investment?

The main investors in Dubai are largely the foreign nations who are living in UAE and the overseas investors from the different parts of the world.

If you look at the investment in Dubai in the year 2017, as per Dubai Land Department or DLD, 69,069 transactions on real estate took place for a value of Dh285 billion, i.e., $77.6 billion. This also includes Dh107 billion, i.e., $29.15 investments done by 39,480 investors with the help of 52,958 transactions. Out of these investments, more than 65 percent of investors are foreign investors. If you look at the number of investments done, it is more than GDP of 144 nations of the world out of 211 recognized by the UN.

Foreigners make more Investments

If you look at it more closely non-Arabs and non-GCC investors are foreigners has concluded 30,000 properties transaction, and the investment is worth Dh56 billion. 9790 Gulf investors got involved in 14.381 transactions, and the investment is more than Dh37 billion. Amongst the GCC Arab investors, real estate transaction of 8,644 took place with a total amount of Dh14 billion.

Amongst top investors, investors from India topped Indians lead the table with an investment of Dh15.6 billion followed by Saudi Arabia with an investment of over Dh7 billion and then comes British with an investment of Dh6 billion and then Pakistan Dh5 billion. Investors from China, Egypt, Canada, and Jordan are growing up very fast too.

So, how Dubai attracted so many investments?

RoI or return on investment is the main reason people invest in real estate. Even renting a property makes a good return on investment. In Dubai the return on investment on rentals made around 7 percent last year. Villas made around 5 percent. Right now, Dubai is the leader of the global real sector investments. It gives a return of around 8% per annum.